Happy Birthday to Raja Ahmad Taufiq

Hi Everyone. Say "Happy Birthday" to Raja Ahmad Taufiq! Mihmih. So I've planned to suprise him for his birthday. And Alhamdulillah. Everything went well. Thanks to Eyka, Lily, Fara sebab teman pergi beli kek. Thanks to Fara cause she bought the "Party poppers" thingy. Thanks to Arif, Fatin, Bell, Syira, Ijan, Ikhmal, Kecik, Asya and others for coming. Never thought ramai yang datang. Haha. Ceh Aku pulak yang thanks to them. Mcm birthday aku je :p Haha. So this is the birthday cake that I've bought for him.

Tadaaaaaaa! Happy Birthday King Taufiq <3
 I bought this cake and brought this to him. Sang the Happy Birthday song w/ al his friends. Oh That was awesome! And thanks for the hug birthday boy :3 I feel so appreciated when you hug me that tight. Well, ehm Wishing you Happy Birthday isnt enough for me to show my love towards you. But still  I wish you're blessed with all the Happiness, health, joy and prosperity in your life. I hope u're still wishing that I'm gonna be the first person who's gonna wish you happy Birthday. Happy Birthday form the twinkle of my eye and the person who I love from the bottom of my heart. <3

Nah! Picture of me and him.
Look at my eyes. They're watery. I feel like crying cause he just hug me. And look at his face. Lol. Haha. nervous tu!!!! Masa potong kek. His hand was shaking so bad you know! He was so overwhelmed and guess what?! He never expect siap ada kek semua. Haha. Rasa bangga dekat diri sendiri. Cause I've made something for him. :') I love you. I love you so much. And I dont care what'd happened to us. 

And things went well....Alhamdulillah
And here the lst picture.Haha. bersepah kan? with the candles and the party poppers thingy. Haha. I thank to them all sebab tolong aku pergi cari kek and plan kena kan taufiq semua. Thank you very much. and onc again! Happy Birthday Raja Ahmad Taufiq. :) Sincerely, Your ex-Girlfriend.