Hello, Raja. I love you so much 
Hello everyone ;) Happy friday!! Okay, Me dunno how to start. Ah mcmne eh? Uhm, Okay. This is my boyfriend. This few days, kiteorang asyik bergaduh 'bout this and that. Me takboleh nak trima apa dia cakap. And he also. Everytime, Kiteorang gaduh aku rasa mcm give up. Aku rasa mcm aku ni dah banyak sakitkan hati dia. Bukan macam, tapi memang. but bila aku rasa nak lepaskan dia. it feels like i'm letting go one of the most important thing in ma life. And I don't want that. its like "I'm letting you go after 7 months together?" Ah you know, it feels kinda sad to let go something that have been yours more than 3,4 months. I don't want to be the most stupid person in this world. I don't want to feel regret when he's not mine anymore. And I just dont wanna see him more happier with other girls. I just dont want all this things happen. But I know, I'm not his dream girl and I know I'll never be. I can't be perfect like others girlfriend. I also can't give him the best I know. I dont treat him well as mine. But then I know that No one can ever love him like I could. I love him more than I love myself. I love him like there's only me and him that's still alive on this earth. yes I love him so much. No sweet talking but these words are no lie. Once again, i love you so much raja. I wish I could be the halal one for ya one day InsyaAllah Pray for us