What a Sad Saturday night :'(

Hello evryone. Okay, I'm posting.... Wuuu. Tak percaya? :P Haha, Okay. What a sad night for me today. I'm tired of being cheated. But that's alright, already used to it. Well, I hate guys who play games. But thats normal. People nowadays baby. How i wish this game will end and never happend. Ahh, Even thousand words not enough to talk bout this shitty things. I'm done with this.I'm trying to change I'm trying to be what people want. but then it's really true" its good to be hated for who you are than being loved for what you are not". Okay, I'm sleepy. My eyes. Oh what an ugly eyes I have. It looks like ju-on somehow. haha. Okay Night ma awesome readers. xx