3.30 A.M.

Okay hi Morning evryone as the title above its already 3.30 and i still not sleep yet. Idk why I can't sleep. ya know it's like theres something block in ma eyes so that I cant close it. Huhu. Okay what a sad night for me, What a #Sadlife for me. Hashtag k? Haha.idk I just cant stay strong anymore. Rasamacam rebah jek. Gentle saya pasrah gila awak. But however I still have to hear his explanation first butt, I dont wanna get hurt even more.Ahh There's a prove k? I have been cheated And that is what happening right now. Oh, Pity me everyone.I've been judge here and there, i get scolded for this and that. But then, Seee seee!! Siapa yg buat perangai. Middle finger for me. K, I hate my life bye !