Imma Single Lady

Today is the 11th day for me of being single. Well, it's not that cool actually. but whatever it is. I moved on. I forget all the shit that'd happened on my relationship for this 9 months, all the good and the bad days w him and the day i fell in love w him. It's a lie if i could forget all this things just like that. But as i said, I MOVED ON. Why do i have to be sad all the time. While him? Lolz. I'm tired of being sad. I used to it! Sometimes, rindu juga dekat dia. But then i was asking myself "Do he miss me like I do?" I guarantee, he don't miss me and he WON'T! So I've decided to live my god damn life w/o thinking bout him anymore and forget all the shit that'd happend between us. I know I am not "that" strong, but I believe that Allah is writing my love story. If me and Taufiq are meant to be together. InsyaAllah one day we'll get married and we'll have kids together. But if we're not meant to be, then I'll just pray to Him. and I'll pray for Taufiq's happiness. Amin.