I wish I was cuddled in your arms right now.

I can't hide my smile, Whenever I'm with you.

Whenever I'm with you, Everything else seems to feel just alright.
I can't wait, to spend the rest of my life with you.
Sometimes we can't agree on what to do.
Sometimes we argue.
Sometimes I over think things. (OK, all the time).
Sometimes I get annoyed too easily.
Sometimes I make you mad.


Most of the time you make me happy. (OK, all the time).
Most of the time I make you smile.
Most of the time we laugh at each other.
Most of the time we talk about anything and everything.
most of the time I laugh at you for being so silly and cute.


All of the time I miss you, from the second you're gone.
All of the time I look at you, and can't help smiling.
All of the time I wish I could talk to you constantly.
All of the time, I'm so thankful for us.
All of the time I pinch myself; How am I with you?
All of the time I'm glad I feel like, 
I have a people inside my tummy running around doing star jumps.
All of the time you're on my mind.
All of the time I think about the last time I saw you.
All of the time I love you.

Aireen Shazlin.